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  • What security protocols does the center establish regarding COVID19?
    At Omnia we have established ALL the established security measures and even some more... We have reorganized the reception to maintain a distance of two meters between the counter and the waiting room. We have removed magazines from the waiting area. We have placed a shoe disinfectant tray at the door. We have placed a screen in the reception. We have established client reception protocols: take the temperature of the client, admitting the entrance to the center only if the temperature is below 37.3, reception and disinfection of footwear and hands, delivery of bootees and disposable material, separation of the client's clothing on hanger with bag. We serve clients individually. There will not be two clients at the same time in the center until June, at which time they will also maintain double the safety distance. The staff will attend with a mask, face shield and gloves and our uniform will not go outside. After each session with a client, the room and the material that has had contact will be disinfected. This makes it necessary to space out the visits and ask for punctuality so as not to have anyone waiting in the center. At the end of the day the center will be completely disinfected with Ozone and specific disinfectant. We have placed a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser in each area. We have placed chlorhexidine antiseptic soap and paper towels in the bathroom. We activate the online store so as not to go to the center for the usual treatment creams, we send home. We streamline appointments to clients online.
  • Can I reserve a service online and pay by card?
    Yes, our dataphone allows us to charge manually by card, so if you want to reserve and pay for a service safely and without leaving data on the internet, you can contact us and we will make the payment with our own dataphone.
  • Estoy llamando y no me contestan al teléfono....
    En WONDER CLINIC GET FIT pensamos que lo más importante eres tú. Por esta razón queremos atenderte como mereces y únicamente atendemos con cita previa, evitando así interrupciones durante su tratamiento. Nuestro protocolo no permite contestar al teléfono durante los tratamientos con clientes, por este motivo, si no le respondemos realice su consulta por chat o correo electrónico.
  • Si no acudo a la cita programada y no he avisado con 24 horas de antelación, ¿ Qué pasa?
    La sesión se contará como realizada y por tanto descontada de su bono.
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